Meet Paige

Dental Assistant

She’s committed to helping people being their best.

A return to Adelaide sparked a career change for Paige, who brings her supportive approach to anyone wanting to become the best version of themselves. Integrating elements of her personal training background, Paige makes even the most routine task seem like it’s a high vibe activity. Did someone say ‘star jumps’?

What’s great about Paige?
If orthodontics was a relay race, Paige would be the last runner. A bit like an Energiser bunny, she loves being on her feet and face to face with people. We think that’s perfect for our patients, who sometimes feel a little overwhelmed by their treatment. Paige’s bubbly, happy nature puts even the most anxious patient at ease.

In her words:

I love it when people make a decision to step up. Regardless of the arena, I know it takes courage and I truly enjoy supporting people as they take steps towards their goal. It’s a rewarding and satisfying experience and orthodontic treatment is a unique environment where we can see that happen every single day.